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The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most well-known in today’s world, and as demand for treatments and medicines rises, the industry is reaching new heights. We, at Biz Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd., are entirely truly committed to offering the best pharmaceutical goods possible at our facility, utilizing the expertise of experienced and knowledgeable personnel. 

Our headquarters are in Mumbai, and we have a strong national and international presence in the pharmaceutical business, manufacturing, exporting, and distributing generic, branded, and related pharmaceutical products.

Through Research, Quality, and Competence, to become a major pharmaceuticals organization and to be known as a domestic and international integrated healthcare and a pharmaceutical firm.

Biz Pharma



In terms of our international presence, we have already grown into India, Parkinson Drive, the United Kingdom, and other areas. Manufacturing, distribution, and sales are all included in our services to these locations, and they are all delivered with total diligence and excellence.


Our pharmaceutical goods come in a variety of dosage forms, which we create in response to the many requests we receive from clients all across the country and the world


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With significant experience and skill in practically every dosage form, our business can successfully evaluate and create your unique pharmaceutical proposal.

Sterling offers a diverse range of administration doses, including mini-tabs, multilayer tablets, sprinkles, immediate, and controlled release formats, among others.

Our facility can provide a full solution that includes API selection, supplier qualification, method development, formulation, bio-study management, commercial management, and regulatory filing.

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