Several approaches are employed in the pharmaceutical business to enclose medicines in a shell known as a ‘capsule.’ Encapsulation is the term for the process that allows capsules to be used as oral drugs. Hard-shelled or soft-shelled capsules are available.

Traditional capsules are mostly constructed of gelatin, a popular ingredient in medications and culinary goods that is manufactured by boiling cow and pig skin and bones.

Soft-shelled capsules, on the other hand, contain supplements made up of oil, liquids, or active substances suspended in oil. For arthritis sufferers, gelatin capsules are a good alternative since the collagen in the gelatin can help relieve joint pain. These capsules can also help a patient recover from a sports injury, improve hair condition, and support weight loss. Because gelatin-based capsules are inexpensive to create, they are commonly available.


Gelatin in food is safe, according to the FDA, however there is no set amount. Gelatin capsules, on the other hand, have some drawbacks. Indigestion, disturbed and bloated stomach, hypersensitivity, toxin exposure leading to gastrointestinal difficulties have all been recorded, and their excessive use can also cause kidney and liver damage. Because of its imperfect form, gelatin protein cannot be utilised by the body.


Vegetarian capsules are an excellent solution for avoiding difficulties associated with gelatin consumption because they are created from cellulose derived from pine rather than animal parts. Although veggie caps are more expensive to create, their popularity is growing since they do not offend many people’s religious beliefs. These capsules are made up of only two ingredients: purified water and Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC), and they are absolutely safe for your health.


Preservatives, sugar, starch, or any other additional components are not present in vegetarian-based capsules, which can be filled with liquid, gel, or powder contents. They are normally GMO-free and can be easily digested by human digestive system.


Maintaining good cleanliness and having an active lifestyle can help you avoid taking pills altogether. Stay in shape and stay healthy!