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5 good practises that all parents should teach their children on World Children’s Day 2020

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In the eyes of their children, parents are role models. Children tend to imitate their parents’ behaviour, activities, and habits as they get older. As a result, it is critical for parents to instil in their children the value of good habits at a young age so that they continue down the correct path for the rest of their life.

Let us look at some of the healthy behaviours that all parents should teach their children on this World Children’s Day 2020:


1. Maintaining hygienic conditions

Even though we live in the COVID-19 era, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is critical to keeping ourselves and others around us safe. As a result, educate your child fundamental hygiene guidelines like handwashing before and after meals, or whenever they return home from playing outside. Following a simple cleanliness regimen, according to medical specialists in the Indian pharmaceutical business, can protect children from a variety of common diseases such as colds and flu.


2. Eating a balanced diet

While all children enjoy fast food, you should help them develop healthy eating habits. You can add colourful vegetables to homemade versions of their favourite foods, such as pasta and noodles. Explain how eating nutritious foods will aid in the development of a healthy physique. Furthermore, you should set a good example for your child by consuming a balanced and regular diet.


3. Engage in physical exercise

Encourage your youngster to participate in sports such as cycling, swimming, running, and outdoor activities. It might be anything he or she enjoys doing. You can also plan a family picnic once in a while to keep your child engaged in physical activity.


4. Maintaining hydration

It is critical that you teach your child the value of drinking water from an early age as a parent. Tell them that staying hydrated will keep them not only physically well, but will also protect them from a variety of ailments. It’s also crucial to make sure your youngster doesn’t develop a habit of drinking soft drinks on a daily basis.


5. Maintaining good oral hygiene

From a young age, children should be taught proper mouth hygiene. Brushing twice a day, flossing, gargling after each meal, and cleaning the tongue with a tongue cleaner are just a few of the essential oral hygiene habits you should instil in your child. Learning excellent habits when your child is young can help them live a long and healthy life. As a result, you should always point them in the proper path and serve as a good role model so that they can develop healthy habits in their daily lives.

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